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What is a Touchless Universal Washroom Kit?

The universal touchless accessible washroom kit is an electronic locking system that permits contact-free access into and out of the washroom. It is ideal for physically challenged people and those with physical disabilities. If assistance is needed, the system includes a universal washroom emergency kit which can be initiated to call for help.

What does it do?

The touchless bathroom kit transforms a standard bathroom into a smart bathroom. Once it is installed, the system allows you to open the door manually or automatically by waving your hand in front of the handicap touchless actuator. You can lock the door once inside the bathroom by waving your hand in front of the touchless ‘lock’ switch, which locks the electric strikes and disables the outside handicap actuator. There is an LED indicator on the touchless switch, which turns from green to red to show that the bathroom is occupied and locked. Exiting the locked washroom is always free by manually opening the door or the inside handicap touchless actuator. The LED indicator will switch from red to green to show that the washroom is unoccupied and unlocked.

What Happens in the Event of an Emergency?

The universal washroom control kits include an emergency feature. In the event of an emergency, users can push the TA-3241-EP-LED push button. Doing so activates the visual and audible signals outside the washroom. An alarm can be initialized at the TA-3241-EP-LED switch. In case of an emergency, the locked washroom can be accessed from outside using a key in the outside lever handle. There is also an optional connection to a card access system if you need a more secure application and a simple integration.