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BIOSYS Stand Alone Finger Print Reader

With its innovative, easy-to-use and robust design, CDVI’s stylish Biometric fingerprint reader is programmed through simple configuration and user cards instead of using a PC and software. Simply enroll the configuration card and then enroll the user’s fingerprints matched to their unique ID card. BIOSYS1 is a highly secure and cost effective way to improve your security system! Features

  • World‘s Top 5 BioEngine technologies.
  • Observeur Design Award.
  • Easy-to-install, programmable with a Master Cardor via PC.
  • Standalone or networked
  • 2 operating modes:
    1. Identification fingerprint only,
    2. Authentification fingerprint + Card.


  • Dimensions (L x L x P):
    • Fingerprint unit = 163 x 82 x 26 mm,
    • Remote electronic unit = 147 x 124 x 55 mm.
    • 12.8mm X 18mm active sensing area.
  • Sensor mounted in solid aluminium housing.
  • Protective Steel coating allowing > 4 million touches.
  • ESD Suppression.
  • Steel coat coating to increase durability Scratch resistant.
  • Active Capacitive: detect live fingers only.
  • Onboard Ethernet port (10/100 base T).
  • Audible and visual feedback.
  • MIFARE® contactless smartcard reader.
  • Tamper switch.
  • 2 Form C Dry contacts (Door & Alarm).
  • Wiegand output Open collectors.
  • Database: up to 500 templates.
  • Weight: BIOSYS = 500 G / Remote electronic = 300 G.
  • Input voltage : 12VDC.
  • Consumption (Reader + Remote electronic):
  • 1 fingerprint reader = 350 mA,- 2 fingerprint readers = 550 mA.

HIKVISION DS-K1T201 Series Fingerprint Reader

DS-K1T201 series are optical IP-based fingerprint access control terminal with multiple advanced technologies including fingerprint recognition, face detection, Wi-Fi, smart card recognition, LCD display screen, and picture capturing technology. It is designed with a 2.8-inch LCD display screen, and HD camera (2 MP optional). It is equipped with optical fingerprint recognition module (supporting 1:1 mode and 1:N mode), and supports offline operation. Features

  • Grade 1 Durability. Dependable lockset with rugged clutch mechanism, plus vandal-proof all metal keypad.
  • Multi-level user codes: Master, 10 managers, 90 users, 3 service codes
  • Up to 100 different user codes (3-5 digits)
  • 100% keypad programmable with a fingertip
  • Individual, group or total user lockout codes
  • Easy passage mode by manager and/or master
  • Standalone battery operated; 5 AA batteries rated at 200,000 cycles
  • Visual and audible entry indicators
  • WP Models for weatherproof performance, water-sealed for use inside and out, with operational temperature range of +151°F to -31°F (+66°C to -35°C)


  • Communication via wired network (TCP/TP) and Wi-Fi
  • Supports EHome protocol for public network communication
  • Face detection and picture capturing function implemented by built-in camera (2 MP optional, only supported by DS-K1T201EF/MF-C)
  • Adopts the optical fingerprint module, supporting 1:N mode (fingerprint, card + fingerprint) and 1:1 mode (card + fingerprint)
  • Supports multiple authentication modes (card, fingerprint, card + fingerprint, card + password, fingerprint + password, card + fingerprint + password, and so on)
  • Supports RS-485 and Wiegand (26/34) communication for connecting external card reader
  • Applies authentications from the client to the device or uploading the captured pictures from the device to the client (only supported by DS-K1T201EF/MF-C)
  • Supports working as a card reader, and supports Wiegand interface and RS-485 interface for accessing the controller
  • Supports EM card reading (supported by DS-K1T201EF/EF-C)
  • Supports Mifare card reading (supported by DS-K1T201MF/MF-C)
  • Tampering detection, unlocking overtime alarm, invalid card swiping over times alarm, blacklist alarm, forced opening door alarm, IP addresses conflicted alarm, and duress card alarm and so on
  • Creates dismiss code for dismiss alarm
  • Accurate data and time display provided by built-in electronic clock and watchdog program to ensure the basic function of the terminal
  • Data can be permanently saved after power-off

Optional Accessory

  • Optical Fingerprint Recorder (PDF file)