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CV-110 SPK Slim Line Proximity Reader and Keypad

Camden CV-110SPK is a slim-line single door multifunction standalone keypad that supports up to 2000 users with a Card, 4 digit PIN, or a Card + PIN option. The electronics are fully potted so the unit is waterproof and conforms to IP68. The built-in prox. card reader supports 125KHZ EM cards. The CV-110SPK offers a 26 bit Wiegand input and output allows the unit to also operate as a dual credential (prox. reader and keypad) access control system device.

CV-550SPK Stand-Alone Proximity Reader and Keypad

Camden CV-550SPK stand-alone, HID format prox reader and keypad, supports up to 2000 users with card, PIN, or card and PIN access. It features a cast metal housing and backlit keypad with fully potted electronics, making CV-550SPK both weather (IP 68 rated) and vandal resistant. In addition, the CV-550SPK has inputs for REX switch/sensor, door contacts, as well as a Form ‘C’ relay, tamper, and Wiegand 26 bit input and output. User cards or tags can easily be individually or batch enrolled.

Alarm Lock PDL 3000 Series Proximity Card Reader, Keypad Combination

Designed for Commercial Wood or Metal Doors, this direct fit keypad does not require any additional door hardware or hardwiring. It is battery operated, and has the features of a sophisticated Access Control System. Features

  • 2000 user codes including: Master, manager, supervisor and basic user. Users are individually programmed to use a card only, code only, or for the highest security, both card and code. (3-6 digits) and/or accepts HID prox cards and keyfobs.
  • 500 scheduled events, including 4 quick schedules for programming the 4 most common time schedules in one step
  • Weatherproof performance, operational temperature range of -31°F to +151°F (-35°C to +66°C)
  • Entry allowance from 3-15 seconds
  • Greater security with temporary keypad lockout after 6 unsuccessful code-entry attempts
  • Real time clock allows logging of events to within 1 second of accuracy
  • Programmable relays energize when one or more selected events occur
  • Battery operated; uses 5 AA batteries; 60,000 cycles, typical.
  • Available in standard Trilogy leverset (straight) or with regal (curved) lever
  • Available in six finishes; polished brass (US3), satin brass (US4), antique brass (US5), polished chrome (US26), satin chrome (US26D), duronodic (US 10B).
  • Tap & add batch ID; card enrolment mode allows many cards to be quickly added without PC – also downloadable from PC or enroller tool
  • Up to 40,000 event audit trail with time/date stamp for a printable record of door access activity by user (Optional Accessories Required)

Alarm Lock DL 1300 Series Proximity Card or Fob Reader, Keypad Combination

This Glass Aluminium Door Keypad is perfect alternative over traditional access control systems. It is battery operated, and fully programmable from the keypad. It has the features of a sophisticated Access Control System, as well capable to sustain environmental elements of our harsh winters. Features

  • PIN code and PIN/Prox Models support 100 to 2000 users (see model info.)
  • HID Prox ID cards, keyfobs and prox tags supported in PDL-1300 Series models featuring built in Prox reader.
  • Keypad or PC programmable (see model info.). Quickly and easily add or delete users and enter “passage mode”, service codes, group lock-out & group-enable
  • Real time clock and PC programmable automatic lock/unlock scheduling for 500 events (1300 Series models).
  • All-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypad supports 3-6 digit PIN codes, and multilevel user hierarchy (master, manager, supervisor, basic users)
  • Wide weatherproof operating range from -31 to 151ºF (-35 to 66C)
  • Wireless standalone locks: Long-life, battery- operated; Includes audible and visual low battery alert. (Uses standards off-the-shelf batteries.)
  • Four attractive standard finishes US26D Satin Chrome, US10B Duronodic, MS Metallic Silver and MB
  • 40,000 event audit trail in 1300 Series models, provides door usage activity reports at wireless handheld printer, laptop or PC. (Optional Accessories Required)