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What Are Medeco Locks?

Both commercial and residential facilities require a patented key control to effectively secure their interior and exterior openings. Medeco employs a patented Medeco smart lock, including patents on the keys and the cylinder. With a patented key control system, unauthorized copies of the key cannot be made. Only an authorized person can request a key reproduction.


  • They have a Grade 1 certification with the American National Standards Institute
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are listed for use on fire doors
  • Medeco deadbolts protect against pry, bolt, pick, drill, and wrench attacks
  • It can be incorporated into any preset master key system
  • Has a 1” throw hardened steel bolt that makes it resistant to sawing or crowbar attacks
  • Made from solid brass
  • It can be used with mortise and drive-in face applications
  • Medeco Single Cylinder Deadbolt is easy to use due to its large thumb turn
  • The Medeco Double Cylinder Deadbolt comes with a captive thumbturn
  • You can choose from a variety of modern colours, including antique brass, bright brass, satin nickel, satin chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze
How Medeco Door Locks Work

The Medeco patented lock design has angled cuts of the key that rotate and elevate the pins within the lock for the sidebar to drop, allowing the lock’s cylinder to turn. The pins have chiselled tips that allow rotation of the pins by the angled cuts on the key. When the pin is rotated to its right orientation, it drops into a slot located along the pin’s length from the sidebar. Several features make Medeco door locks stand out:

Key control – Medeco lock has a key that can only be duplicated if the owner authorizes it. A book with signatures exists at the locksmith to ensure that only an authorized person can request a reproduction.

Robust – Due to the materials used in its manufacture, the Medeco lock is superior in strength.

UL 437 Approval – The UL 437 listing means that the lock has been tested and can endure any physical hit, including drilling, picking, drilling, and percussion keys.

Non-pickable lock – Unlike regular locks that have one level of security, the Medeco lock has a minimum of three.