The fob system has been around since 1983. It offers the best way to upgrade a building’s security, scalability, reliability, and interoperability. Call us to learn more about fob access.

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    What is Key Fob Access System?

    For any Commercial or Multitenant Property, it’s important to include state-of-the-art security and access control; it’s one of the features that can add a great deal of value for owners, tenants, and clients. Business owners realize that having the right security system helps to protect both personnel and assets, and access control systems are gaining in popularity, with a 6% increase in investment in these systems expected by 2021. Today’s technology provides numerous possibilities, from more familiar card entry systems to biometric or cloud-based solutions that can be accessed by smartphone. Access control solutions consultants in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) can help you to determine the best fob system for your project, and customize it for maximum security and convenience.

    How Fob Access Systems Work

    The electronic fob system uses a wireless signal to allow fobs and cards to communicate with the access reader. The key card is pre-programmed, and if it offers the right credentials, the access reader will command the door to unlock. When using the door fob system, there are three stages involved.

    • Present your credentials The first step is to provide credentials to the access reader. In most cases, the access reader is located next to the door. For a swipe card, swipe it through the access reader. For a touchless RFID key fob, you just need to hold the key fob close to the reader.
    • Credentials are verified The door fob system uses several methods to verify credentials. The method used will depend on the system you are using. Wiegand key cards, for example, uses magnetized wires to store credentials. RFID and proximity cards transmit credentials wirelessly provided the card is within the electric field that is continuously emitted by the access reader.
    • The door is unlocked If the presented credentials are correct, the access reader will unlock the door.

    How to Choose the Right Door Fob System

    There are various considerations when choosing a fob access system. What is the building’s purpose? Is it intended for office or industrial use? Will it be open to the public? Will it have multiple tenants with a variety of security needs? Will it house high-value inventory? A good electronic fob system specialist can walk you through the options available and help you to choose one that will work for all of your requirements.


    • Convenient for tenants – Tapping a fob or card against an access reader is more intuitive than having to fumble around with physical keys.
    • More tracking data for the staff – The building’s staff will be able to monitor which doors have been opened and who opened them. This enhances security.
    • Easy administration – If a tenant loses their fob or card, the lost access card can be deactivated. This is more convenient than having to replace the entire lock.
    • Effective for elevators – The fob system is the most effective solution for preventing unauthorized tenants or visitors from accessing restricted floors.
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    “A very tricky job in a church on 100 years old door which meant we had to keep wires and drilling to a minimum. Our music school students needed entry during specific hours without interfering with the lessons which required a fob entry system with schedules for students allowing them access only during business hours.”

    – Julian Fisher

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    • Stand-Alone Access Control. These systems let managers control access on a basic level, using card readers or fobs readers, keypads, or fingerprint readers. Businesses don’t need software or a computer to assign user credentials.
    • Internet Protocol (IP) Access Control. IP systems are computer/software based. Cards or fobs must be enrolled via computer, and schedules can be inputted to manage individual or group access at various times. IP Access Control also allows managers to read and print activity reports, so they have a record of anyone who accesses entry to any door. Because IP systems are computer-based, managers can activate or deactivate credentials, change schedules, or generate reports from anywhere in the world.
    • Cloud-Based Access. Cloud-based access systems allow remote management through any device with an active internet connection. Users can revoke access and customize all the other features seamlessly. The architecture enables real-time records and notifications, automatic synchronization of users from various locations, unlimited users and rood, and straightforward integration with other systems like video analytics. Users can combine physical and cyber security or activate emergency lockdown using the cloud-based platform. The system also upgrades and installs the latest features automatically. The software is dependable and collaborative.


    Smart Readers

    Openpath Smart Readers use patented Triple Unlock technology to offer fast and convenient access. Smart Readers work with Openpath mobile credentials for 100% touchless wave to unlock, and a wide variety of key cards and fobs.

    • Standard Smart Reader

      Offered in black and white, the Standard Smart Reader can be flush mounted inside a single gang box, providing a slim profile surface, or mounted directly on the wall.

    • Mullion Smart Reader

      The Mullion Smart Reader is ideal for surface mounting where space is limited, like on door frames.

    • Video Reader pro

      Automatically associate video footage with access events, alerts, and motion and visually monitor entries in the Openpath Control Center

    • Kantech card/fob system provides 128-bit AES encrypted communication with the Entraps Security Software(included) and is a highly secure solution for any security-conscious business. Access your doors using cards, fobs or mobile device. Receive emails from the system based on what you want to know and when. Kantech offering easy to use interface with innovative and technologically progressive solutions that are easy to deploy, configure and manage, leaving you free to tackle other important issues.

      OpenPath System Text

      Openpath hardware is sleek, modern, and easy to install. Smart Readers communicate to Openpath Controllers using standard wiring, and all signals are encrypted. Our out-of-the-box system hasyou covered with enhanced wellness features and touchless capabilities, plus the option to customize a solution to fit your unique needs. LIFETIME WARRANTY!

      Openpath Vide Pro Reader Text

      Automatically associate video footage with access events, alerts, and motion and visually monitor entries in the Openpath Control Center.

    • CDVI Atrium – A22

      The A22 is ATRIUM’s powerful Web-Based IP hybrid module. The flexibility of the A22 module allows it to be set either as 1 or 2-door controller or expander (2 in 1). It includes an embedded web server that combines performance and simplicity enabling you to manage Users/Cards, lock or unlock doors, view system events and display controller information from anywhere in the world! Industry-unique and effortless card enrollment mode minimizes system start up and simplifies your life. A pre-assembled universal power supply is included with every A22, making this unit an industry leader in efficiency and simplicity.

    • Camden CM-120 Flush/Surface Mounted Keypads

      North American built, and offers the best performance and value for indoor and outdoor applications. CM-120wV2 is a vandal and weather resistant model with a metal back-lit keypad. M-120wV2 is a vandal and weather resistant model with a metal back-lit keypad which comes with stainless steel buttons.

    • Camden CV-110SPK Slim Line Proximity Keypad/Card Reader

      Slim-line single door multifunction standalone keypad that supports up to 2000 users with a Card, 4 digit PIN, or a Card + PIN option. The electronics are fully potted so the unit is waterproof and conforms to IP68. The built-in prox card reader supports 125KHZ EM cards. The CV-110SPK offers a 26 bit Wiegand input and output allows the unit to also operate as a dual credential (prox reader and keypad) access control system device.

    • BIOSYS by CDVI Stand Alone Finger Print Reader

      With its innovative, easy-to-use and robust design, CDVI’s stylish Biometric fingerprint reader is programmed through simple configuration and user cards instead of using a PC and software. Simply enroll the configuration card and then enroll the user’s fingerprints matched to their unique ID card. BIOSYS1 is a highly secure and cost effective way to improve your security system!

    • HIKVISION DS-K1T201 Series Fingerprint Reader

      DS-K1T201 series are optical IP-based fingerprint access control terminal with multiple advanced technologies including fingerprint recognition, face detection, Wi-Fi, smart card recognition, LCD display screen, and picture capturing technology. It is designed with a 2.8-inch LCD display screen, and HD camera (2 MP optional). It is equipped with optical fingerprint recognition module (supporting 1:1 mode and 1:N mode), and supports offline operation.

    6 Factors To Consider When
    Choosing a System

    • Is Scheduling of when people can use their cards or credentials important to me?
    • Do I need to generate activity reports of who got in and when?
    • Do I need basic or copy protected “Encrypted” fobs or cards?
    • Do I want to enroll the users at the door or via a computer?
    • Is Cyber Security of user’s credentials important to me?
    • Do I need to be able to mange my users and doors when not on site?

    “We had access control pros install for us Brivo access control system with Bluetooth readers on 7 of our doors, Philip was
    helpful in recommending a system for us, and arranging for a product demo which was very useful for making our final
    decisions. We had few other companies to choose from but neither of them showed such level of commitment in helping
    us choose the right system and eager to earn our business, very professional.”

    – Colin Clacus


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    The installation was quick and professional. The installer explained the configuration of the panel is a complete way. I would recommend these guys anytime to anyone!

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