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What Are Electric Strikes And How Do They Work?

Electric strikes are common, especially business electric door strikes. You must first understand the term strikes to understand the electric strikes. In relation to door hardware, a strikes is a metal assembly or plate installed onto or into a doorframe on the lock side. The strikes receives a latch or bolt and holds it in place. An electric strikes system is not known as an electric door opener because it does not open the door but allows a person to open the door. An electric latch holds the door just like a standard one but can also electrically release it. Whenever the strikes is initiated, it releases the latch and unlocks the door. An electric strikes stays locked from the exterior always. Whenever a person enters, and the door closes behind them, it returns to a locked position. An electric door is opened from the inside by pressing a manual release device or a panic bar.

Electric Strikes Benefits That Can not Be Overlooked

You can find electric strikes doors on many premises, including technology centers, warehouses, convention centers, stairwells, hotel rooms, apartment buildings, and others. If you are considering a commercial electric door strikes Toronto, you should understand the benefits of electric strikes:

  • Security – Compared to standard strikes, electric strikes are a safer and more secure option for locking doors. The door can only be activated with a card, remote device, or PIN associated with the strikes
  • Ease of installation – Installing an electric strikes is quicker and simpler. Since electric strikes are mounted on the frame, installing them only requires cutting at the frame. Other locks, for example, electronic locks, require preparation on the door.
  • Convenience – With an electric strikes, you can allow someone access from the comfort of your desk or bedroom. You only need to push a button. If an electric strikes is attached to a PIN code, you don’t require a key, and you can share the code with whoever you want.
  • Low installation cost- Electric strikes are easier to install, meaning that the handyman or contractor will take minimal time to install them. The labour and material costs are similar to those of a standard strikes installation.


HES 1600 Series

The HES 1600 is a heavy-duty electric strikes. It is the most advanced electric strikes available in the market, ideal for deadbolt locks and cylindrical latch bolts. The HES 1600 series can accommodate up to a 1″ deadbolt. It has an extensive vertical-cavity spacing allowing it to fit well with all brands of mortise or cylindrical lock compatible with a 4-7/8″ strikes plate. If you require a flexible and adjustable electric strikes, easy to install anywhere, quickly and easily, the HES 1600 series is ideal. It works with any door opening. You can use it with or without a deadbolt. It offers exceptional field upgradeable options and high adjustability.

HES 1600 series


HES 9600 Series

The 9600 series is a surface-mounted strikes. This windstorm-rated electric strikes can work with rim exit devices of a 3/7″ throw latch. All components are enclosed within its 3/4” stainless steel housing. While installing the 9600 Series, no cutting is needed on the frame. If you need to incorporate an electric strikes to any opening with a rim exit device, you should go for the HES 9600 Series. You only need to place an electric strikes on the frame’s surface and align it with an exit latch bolt to install. The electric strikes is field-selectable for a fail-safe or fail-secure operation. You can also choose between 12 and 24 VDC.

HES 9600 Series

HES 5200 Series

Do you seek to add electrified access control to an existing opening? The HES 5200 Series is an affordable solution. We have versatile and durable electric strikes ideal for all types of locksets. We also provide tools to make the electric strikes installation easier. The 5200 series strikes has an in-frame horizontal, easy-to-adjust design that makes the installation process simple. This feature makes it easy to adjust the electric strikes opening during installation to embrace the horizontal positioning of the latch bolt upon installing the strikes. The 5200 Series is available in a Complete Pac that pairs the strikes body with faceplates and mounting hardware.

HES 5200 Series



HES ES 100 allows you to add efficient online access control to an existing opening without the complexity of installing wires to the door. The HES ES 100 is an affordable electric strikes solution that provides dynamic adjustability and flexible configuration options without having to run wires. The electric strikes is available in both non-monitored (convenient) and monitored (secure) model options. It is compatible with the majority of cylindrical and mortise latch bolt locksets, even 1” deadbolts. It is the most versatile way of retrofitting an existing opening with real-time online control. Its outstanding features include tamper resistance, stainless steel construction, battery-operated for stand-alone operation, and 2.4 GHz Aperio wireless technology, among others.