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What Is Buzz in Door System?

Buzz-in-door systems are a kind of remote door release high-security locks. They derive their name from the buzzing sound that tenants hear when they have a visitor requesting access to a building. Tenants can open the door remotely by pressing the “door open” button. Guests also hear a buzzing noise to inform them that the door is unlocked. A buzz-in door opener is composed of a microphone and a keyboard, situated at the main entrance. The system connects to a telephone receiver inside the building. The receiver could be located on a wall or an employee’s desk. When a visitor presses a button on the keypad, it allows a two-way conversation between them and the receptionist before being allowed entry.


  • Door Buzzer System Button. The buzzer access control system can be made of a single buzzer button. The buzzer button enables you to unlock the door remotely for your guests. There are more sophisticated systems available where the buzzer system button can be incorporated into an intercom system.
  • Wireless Buzz in Door System. The wireless buzz-in door system is connected to the internet via a smart device. It enables you to remotely control entry through an application installed on your smart devices. Some systems can connect to your phone through Bluetooth.
  • Communication. To help you identify who is at the door before buzzing them in, the intercom system offers direct voice communication. You can get a more advanced intercom that includes a camera for added security.

What Are the Benefits of Buzz in Door Systems?

The installation of a buzz-in door system will enhance your property in many ways. Here are the four main benefits.

  • Enhanced security Installing a door buzzer Canada helps deter break-ins and prevents unwanted entry into a commercial building. Tenants have to verify who is at the door before buzzing them in. Security can be enhanced further by installing a door buzzer system that has an entry log. This enables both the property managers and the building owners to review door release events.
  • More convenience Having to walk to the entrance to open for a visitor or a delivery guy is a huge inconvenience for tenants. The buzzer system to open doors enables tenants to grant entry from the comfort of their homes or offices by simply pushing a buzzer system button.
  • Improved efficiency The installation of a door buzzer system in your commercial building will significantly simplify visitor as well as delivery access. The system not only offers convenience to tenants but also reduces the workload for the front desk staff. Upon arrival, all a visitor or delivery guy needs to do is press the button to request access. Individual employees, tenants, or building staff can grant access without having to walk to the entrance—no more hassle handing out keycards or fobs. Tenants can open the door for themselves.
  • Increased tenant retention People want to work and live in buildings that offer both safety and convenience. A buzz-in-door system attracts more tenants and lowers tenant turnover.


Apartment Buzz in Door Lock

Apartment Buzzer System

An apartment buzz-in door system is a typical property access solution in many apartments. An apartment door buzzer has diverse multifamily properties. It allows residents and staff to conveniently control visitor access by opening the gate or door remotely. House buzzer systems provide an easy means for guests to communicate with residents to let them know they have arrived.

Residents press an “open door” button to open the door for their guests. However, a resident uses in-unit hardware that remotely grants access to visitors. This means that residents must be in the apartment to use the buzz-in door system.

The system also comes in handy for property staff that can use the system to grant access to prospects for a self-guided tour. A building with a receptionist, front office desk staff, or an onsite leasing agent can use the buzz-in door system to open doors for vendors, service providers, and visitors.

The major drawback for property staff is that a door buzzer system cannot be used remotely. The staff has to be on-site to adjust access permissions and update the resident directory.

Some systems are complete with a camera. Buzz-in door systems with a camera provide video calling capabilities. However, most systems have a one-way video, meaning that the resident can see the visitor, but the visitor cannot see the resident.

Commercial Buzz in Door Opener

Door Buzzer System for Business

Commercial buzz-in-door openers are common in office buildings and other commercial properties. They allow residents inside a building to contact guests at the entrance and allow them into the building by pressing the “open door” button. Door buzzer systems for business are a good choice for buildings with offices; however, you will need to consider some adjustments for offices with an open floor plan since they call for in-unit hardware. You will need to install devices in several parts of the building if you want to give all employees within the building the ability to grant access to visitors. Many commercial buildings with a buzz-in-door system only allow visitors to buzz a front desk staff. Therefore, a visitor cannot contact a specific employee directly. However, many offices use a single-door remote door buzzer system to enable the receptionist to open the office door from the convenience of the receptionist desk.