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What is an Access Control System?

An access control system enables you to allow or restrict access to a building, a room within a building, or any other designated area. Whenever an employee wants to access a controlled location, they must present their credentials. The credentials could be physical or digital. Physical credentials comprise an access control card, while digital credentials comprise information on a mobile device. When a person makes an access request, the card reader sends information to the access control unit, which authorizes the person and triggers the door to open. On the system manager side, an access control system has a management portal or dashboard. The dashboard allows IT managers, office administrators, and security heads to set who can access the premises under different conditions. The system manager can program the settings based on time of day, employees’ shifts, employees ranks, job titles, and others. Access control systems have three main components: electric locks, an access control panel, and an access control server. The electric locks comprise fail-safe locks that lock when supplied with power and fail-secure locks that unlock when supplied with power. The access control panel receives the signal whenever a person’s credentials are scanned and sends an authorization to unlock the door. The role of an access control server is to store the system data and permissions.

Why Choose Us?

While there are many access control contractors in Toronto, not all have the ideal products to fit your unique space. You should work with a reputable access control Toronto installer to get the most out of your access control system. Access Control Pros is one of the leading access control companies in Toronto. When you choose us, you will work with trained and certified access control installers who understand the latest security technology. We provide Toronto businesses access to the best access control solutions with unique features like mobile credentials and touchless access control. We will recommend the best products to you, whether you are looking for access control solutions for a small office or a large company.

Types of Access Control

You can choose from the following types of access control systems: stand-alone access control, IP access control, and cloud-based access control. When setting permissions for access control systems, you can choose from three management access options: role-based access control, discretionary access control, and mandatory access control. With role-based access control, all the users with the same role have equal access. For discretionary access control, the business owner determines who has access to different points. Mandatory access control consists of software or hardware that restricts access without exception. It is the most restrictive access control option. We will help you choose the best access control system that suits your business.

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  • 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a System
  • Is Scheduling of when people can use their cards or credentials important to me?
  • Do I need to generate activity reports of who got in and when?
  • Do I need basic or copy protected “Encrypted” fobs or cards?
  • Do I want to enroll the users at the door or via a computer?
  • Is Cyber Security of user’s credentials important to me?
  • Do I need to be able to mange my users and doors when not on site?


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